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Roofer In HammersmithWelcome to G&A Roofing, expert roofer Hammersmith. We are a reputable firm of roofers that provide professional roofing work and general home maintenance to keep your property in the best possible condition, our roofer in Hammersmith can carry out a vast range of services and are on standby seven days a week in Hammersmith.

G&A Hammersmith is a professional roofing firm that deals with all types of roofing work, we only use the best roofers and  provide a wide range of services for your home or business in London, dealing with broken chimneys, leaking roofs, leaking guttering and many more problems which you may have. Simply call our roofer in Hammersmith today to find out how our roofer can help you.

G&A can provide all types of services for home or business owners in Hammersmith and the local area, including roof reports and surveys, roof and chimney replacement, guttering work, green roofing, emergency roof repairs and much more. Contact one of our trained roofers for more information today.

G&A has been established for over 25 years and has a reputation for providing first-class customer care and excellent workmanship in Hammersmith. Each roofer is fully experienced in all types of roof repair and is 100% committed to providing top-quality care. Before we start any work on your property, we will always undertake a full risk assessment.

EPDM Flat Roofer Hammersmith

EPDM roof systems; EPDM rubber flat roofs have become very popular over the last 10 years, throughout Hammersmith and the UK. They offer excellent protection all year round. They have been tried and tested for over 50 years and are made by Firestone, they are suitable for both commercial and domestic properties. These flat roofs are a strong synthetic material called ethylene propylene diene terpolymer. They are fully recyclable and resistant to hail, UV sun rays and can withstand freezing conditions and can adapt seasonal changes.

Fibreglass Flat Roofer Hammersmith

Fibreglass Roofing Systems; Fibreglass flat roofs are known as GPR flat roofs, they are easy to install, maintain and repair, they are fire resistant and can adapt to seasonal change, they are an excellent cover for all seasons, when fitted properly by a professional roofer, they can last for more than 40 years

Felt Roofer Hammersith

Built-Up Felt roofing; Felt roofs were popular in 80s and 90s they offer excellent cover in all seasons. They are often found on outbuildings, porches, extensions, balconies and roof terraces, and are thermally efficient.

Roof reports and surveys in Hammersmith
A roof report carried out by a roofer in Hammersmith will tell you if there’s any problems with your roof so that you can get it repaired quickly to prevent the problem from getting worse. Our roofers will undertake a full roof report that will assess the exact condition of your roof and inform you if we find any vulnerable areas. Something a small as a leak can get worse quickly and could damage the structure of your property, costing you more time and money.

Are you looking at buying a home or business in Hammersmith? One of our independent roof surveys will provide you with a detailed account of the state of the entire roof, including any guttering and chimneys. Our roofer will give you with a document which could be used as a tool to negotiate a more reasonable price with the sellers.

Call G&A Roofing and Building Hammersmith to discuss your requirements with one of our trained roofers today on 020 7205 5785.

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