Clearing Moss Off Your Roof

Clearing Moss from Your Roof

It’s important to keep your roof clean and moss is one of the biggest culprits in making your roof vulnerable to leaks.

While you may think that moss gives your property character, it’s not harmless at all. While moss is sitting on your rooftop, beneath it could be a whole lot of problems with the outer membrane of your roof – and it could lead to leaking inside your property.

Keeping moss from your roof can extend the life of your rooftop. Moss grows on rooftops because it’s the perfect environment for this organic matter to thrive – particularly around the chimney area.  Roofs that have a low pitch, where water cannot drain off easily, and properties that are surrounded by trees are particularly susceptible to moss growth. Moss likes moisture, shade and humidity – and with the right conditions, it can spread very quickly. It can even spread from one roof to another, so if your neighbour has problems with moss growth on their roof, it’s worth pointing it out to them – or direct them to our website for roofing tips.

Moss is unusual in that it has no roots. This is why moss can do so much damage – any water it has, it tends to retain. This is where the problem lies. Moss that’s holding water will add extra weight to your roof , and if there’s lots of moss this can lead to an unsustainable burden on your roof.

There are your gutters to think about too. Moss can become clogged in your gutter system, prevent your gutters from doing their job and allowing water to drain from your property.

But the main problem is that the water that moss retains can rot through your roof materials and cause serious damage and leaks. This water is there constantly, so your roof remains wet all the time. In winter, the problem becomes worse. The water retained by moss can freeze, causing tiles to crack.

In short, if you let moss grow on your roof you’re facing serious structural problems that threaten the integrity of your roof and eventually the entire structure of your property.

The trick is to prevent moss from growing in the first place. Modern roofing usually contains materials that discourage moss from growing on them, but if you have an old building then it’s up to you to take some steps to curb moss growth.

Cleaning your roof regularly can help stop moss from growing, as old leaves and other debris that builds up over time will provide  moss with the perfect habitat. Keep a close eye on your rooftop and your guttering to make sure that all is well  and that organic growth isn’t causing a problem.

You should be able to clear moss quite easily – because it has no roots, you can pull it up without causing too much damage. Be careful though, because if you use too much force you could end up damaging your roof tiles. Once you’ve cleared the moss, you’ll have to treat the roof to prevent it from returning.

There are lots of moss killing solutions on the market but a natural way of prevent moss is by using copper. By attaching a copper ridge or wire to the top of your roof, you can kill moss naturally. The copper sulphate will run down your roof and exterminate moss so your rooftop remains clear.

Remember, before you carry out any work on your roof make sure you know how to work at height safely. Never work on the roof when it’s raining or when it’s been wet. Wait until a fine day. Clear your roof of debris which could make you lose your footing. Even the odd small stone could cause you to slip and fall. Use the right equipment. Borrow or buy a proper extension ladder so that you don’t have to over-stretch to reach your rooftop. Use a tool belt so that your hands are free and you can use them to keep your balance.

If in any doubt, call a professional roofer to clear your roof for you. Roofing work is best done by a professional as it’s a highly skilled job and roof work poses serious risks to your safety.

For professional roofing by a leading roof repair company, call G&A Roofing and Building. We are a team of trained roofers that provides services such as emergency roofing, gutter maintenance and replacement roofs. Contact our team for advice today on 0800 626430.

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